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Epic Games - United Kingdom

About Epic Games UK

Epic Games UK officially formed in August 2014, setting up longtime collaborator and trusted partner Pitbull Studio as a fully integrated team driving Unreal Engine 4 development in the region. Epic Games UK has a growing footprint in Guildford, as well as offices in Newcastle and Royal Leamington Spa.

Working alongside Epic Games, Pitbull’s programmers and artists have helped develop a wide variety of Unreal Engine 4 features, including rendering, audio, physics, visual scripting, UI, documentation tools, platform support, localization tools and much more. The Epic Games UK team will continue their indispensable work as part of the effort behind Unreal Engine 4 and Epic’s next big game, Fortnite.

In the words of Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney, “As one of the early epicenters of the global games industry, the UK has a rich history of game development, as well as a wide range of experienced developers. Right now, we’re building a world-class talent pool in the UK to contribute to all aspects of Unreal Engine 4. Our aim at Epic is to provide the best and most versatile engine, scaling from indie mobile development to high-budget triple-A games.”

About Guildford

Located just 43 km (27 miles) southwest of central London in Surrey, Guildford is Epic’s newest office location. Brimming with historic charm and all of the amenities of city living, a walk down Guildford’s famed cobbled High Street reveals a personality all its own. Guildford has a wealth of history, beautiful scenery and a lively theatre and arts culture. Since 1992 the town has hosted GuilFest, a rock, folk and blues music festival drawing acts such as Alice Cooper, Pulp, The Lightning Seeds and James Blunt. Guildford’s contemporary conveniences along with spacious parks and gardens offer residents a high quality of life.

About Newcastle

Located in the North East of England, Newcastle and its surrounding areas are acclaimed as “the most exciting, beautiful and friendly region in the whole of England” by Lonely Planet. The metropolitan network boasts several of the UK’s most energetic, populous cities, with beautiful coast and countryside stretching from Northumberland down to Teesside. With its rich heritage, the region offers an inspirational range of historic and modern landmarks and attractions such as Hadrian’s Wall, the Angel of the North, Lindisfarne, The Sage and Alnwick Castle. Having long since left its industrial roots in the past, the North East region is at the forefront in fostering the country’s digital and creative innovation.

About Royal Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa is a chic and stylish town located in the heart of Warwickshire. Known for its tree-lined avenues, glorious gardens, fabulous Georgian and Victorian architecture and famous spa waters, Leamington Spa has become a thriving game development hub, the third largest in the UK.